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Intruder (Alarms)

Burglar and Intruder Alarm Systems in Ayrshire and Central Scotland

We design, install and maintain burglar alarms and intruder detection systems for homes and businesses, throughout Ayrshire and Central Scotland.

It is impossible to put a price on the safety and protection of your family and the sense of violation and fear following a break-in or attempted burglary.

Do you know that:

  • over ¾ of a million burglaries happen in the UK every year
  • that equates to one burglary every 40 seconds
  • 70% of attempted burglaries happen between 6pm and 6am
  • families with children are 3 x more likely to be burgled than households with no children
  • in 57% of cases someone is in the home while the burglary is committed

If you already have an intruder alarm system but have not had it adequately maintained or regularly serviced, we can carry out a quick check to ensure you remain fully protected against the risk of a break-in. If you are thinking about having a system installed, or want to test your existing alarm system, then contact us for a FREE, security consultation or no obligation quotation.

Wireless alarm systems are suitable for your home as well as for some small business requirements. iNTELi supplies the latest technology in wireless alarms, offering a convenient, attractive solution, with no wires to hide, but with maximum protection against theft and malicious break-in.

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